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Joanna Brown

Joanna Brown is an artist (with an MA), mathematician (with a PhD) and activist whose work encompasses, amongst other things, photography, artists’ books, sculpture and printmaking and often incorporates a strong collaborative element.

She creates work to explore; to express thoughts and ideas through intuition, play and observation, encountering in the process a tension between freedom and control which energises her practice. Her projects unfold and are as varied as her interests. Uniting many of them is her desire to draw out connections and patterns and hence deepen understanding, whilst retaining a backdrop of mystery and the unknown.

Autumn/Winter 2017 Update
- ACE Award: Joanna has been awarded Arts Council funding to work on the 'Water Marks' Flood Project and exhibit at the 7th International Conference on Flood Management and at Dean Clough, Halifax.
- RAMM Collection: RAMM have accessioned six of her ARKive pieces into their collection.
- Latest Book: Joanna's third book has gone to press and is due out in January 2018.
- 28 Fingers: has featured on Channel 4's Four Rooms.


Joanna Brown

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