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Back to the Future? (2015-2017) and Time and Tide (2015-2017)

In response to the UN Climate Conference in Paris in December 2015, Joanna started working with old postcards of Paris from 1910, when the city was severely flooded.  She began the first project, 'Back to the Future?', during her residency on the 23:57 Project at Fuse in Bradford. Joanna then went onto Paris where she worked on a second project, 'Time and Tide', whilst the Climate Conference was in progress. In response to the question 'Back to the Future?', she also felt the need to put together 'The Jo Blogs Manifesto for the 21st Century'.


ARKive (2014-2015)

Six montages from the ARKive project and the associated book were part of the 'Whatever the Weather' exhibition at RAMM in Exeter from 21st November 2015 to 10th April 2016.


Twentyeight Fingers (2007-2012)

Twentyeight Fingers came to completion whilst Joanna was an artist in residence at the National Trust's High Cross House in Dartington, Devon. It had a very good reception at the Royal Academy in London, Dean Clough in Halifax and High Cross House in Dartington. The associated artist's book is now in the Tate's Collection and the National Art Library at the V&A.


In Addition

Joanna is also continuing to devote time and creative energy to the development of World Wide We as well as being inspired by being part of the Contemporary Arts Panel at RAMM in Exeter.


Jo Blogs

More background about Joanna's work can be found on her blog at

Joanna Brown

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